The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit
Just Got Easier

The tax credit is available to those
who files an Arizona state return.

Control how your Arizona Tax dollars are spent.

Taxpayers filing in Arizona have the unique opportunity to actually redirect
a portion of the state tax dollars they already pay to organizations that provide
help to the working poor - all at no additional financial cost to themselves!

This tax code allows for donations to qualifying organizations be returned to the taxpayer
not as a deduction but as a tax credit!

Most commonly, the tax credit is $200 for single taxpayers
or heads of household and $400 for married taxpayers.

Act now to redirect a portion of your state tax dollars to the qualifying charity of your choice!

Neighborhood Christian Clinic
House of Refuge
Hope Women's Center
 Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Healthcare for Uninsured, Working Poor
Building Godly Men & Moms
Serving Women in Crisis
 Life-affirming Organization
Christian Family Care
Chandler Christian Community Center
Along Side Ministries

Foster Care & Adoption
Food & Family Resources
Prison Transition Ministry